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Centers and Initiatives

The Institute of Arts and Humanities houses interdisciplinary centers and affiliate groups that spearhead the production of cutting‐edge scholarship, collaboration, and public engagement. 


Analytical Writing Program 

The Analytical Writing Program (AWP) offers courses that employ a student-centered philosophy. Every class discussion and assignment is designed with the idea of helping students grow as writers. AWP creates an environment in which a diverse population of students can come together as a community to work on a common goal: improving their writing. 

Address: Arts and Humanities Building, 5th Floor
Program Director: Karen Gocsik 

Center for Hellenic Studies 

The Center for Hellenic Studies specializes in the history, literature, archaeology, and cultures of the Ancient, Byzantine, and Modern Greek world, including the study of South Eastern Europe, the Mediterranean, and beyond. 

Program Co-Directors: Denise Demetriou and Edward Watts 

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Program

The Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) Program is dedicated to helping design, implement, and maintain courses that satisfy UCSD's DEI requirement. Additionally, the DEI Program provides administrative, curricular, and pedagogical support for faculty and instructional assistants who teach DEI courses.

Address: Arts and Humanities Building, 6th Floor, 0652
Program Director: Christopher Perreira
Program Coordinator: Lionel Rodriguez