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Science Studies Colloquium Events

Holocaust Living History Workshop Events

*Please see calendar below for additional events. 

Fall 2017 Event List

October 5: Challenging Conversations: "The Crisis of Commemoration: First Contacts in the Americas". Hojel Auditorium, 302 International Ln, 6:00 - 8:00 PM

October 9: “Radical Technologies: The Design of the Everyday Life" with Adam Greenfield. The Great Hall, UC San Diego, 2:00 - 4:00 PM

October 9: "An Archaeologist's Eye: Drawing the Parthenon Sculpture (Or Trying to See What is No Longer Visible)" with Dr. Katherine Schwab. The Fung Auditorium in Powell-Focht Bioengineering Hall, 5:00 - 7:00 PM

October 9: "Remembering Che". Literature Building, Room 155, 5:00 - 7:00 PM

October 11: CANCELLED: "Like Shadows Walking: Liberating Treblinka with the Red Army" with Jacob Sandbrand. Geisel Library, 5:00 - 7:00 PM

October 16: "Pacific Worlds and the Development Agenda" with Nancy Kwak. Literature Building, Room 310, 12:00 - 1:00 PM

October 25, 2017: "The Travel Ban: The Politics of Immigration in the US" with Prof. Babak Rahimi, UC San Diego. RSVP. Great Hall @ 4PM

October 26, 2017: "Mafia State: The Politics of Organized Crime in Contemporary Turkey" with Ryan Gingeras, professor in the Department of National Security Affairs, Naval Postgraduate School. HSS 4025 @ 3:30PM, Middle East Studies

November 2, 2016: "Climate Change and Religion" with Prof. Thomas Csordas of UC San Diego, Assistant Prof. Aftab Jassal of Colgate University, and Prof. Karma Lekshe Tsomo of University of San Diego. Price Center Forum, 2:30PM

November 6, 2017: "Against the Deportation Terror" with Rachel Buff, Professor of History, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee. The Village at Torrey Pines, 15th floor, 5PM, Challenging Conversation

November 7, 2017: "Recovering Histories of Violence in the Borderlands" with Dr. Monica Muñoz Martinez, Brown University. Thurgood Marshall Room, Price Center West, 3:30PM

November 9, 2017: "Myth" a documentary film. Center Hall, Room 115, 6:00PM

November 13, 2017: "Interactive Workshop by Las Krudas Cubensi" Women's Center, UC San Diego, 4PM

Spring 2017 Event List

Winter 2017 Event List

January 11: From Books-Internet to TV-Internet: What does the demise of text and hypertext mean for the future of the internet and its early promises? - IAH & Literature Department - Lit Building Room 155

January 25: A Conversation with Vietnamese-American Artist Trinh Mai - IAH - Cross-Cultural Center

February 1: 5th Annual Alkiviadis Vassiliadis Lecture, on the Magic of Craft - Center for Hellenic Studies - The Village at Torrey Pines 15A

February 3: Chinese New Year Student Celebration - Chinese Studies Program - Solis Hall Room 107

February 8: Executive Orders: Islam in the Trump Era - Third World Studies - Great Hall at I-House

February 9: Films from the Korean Diaspora Series: Jane Jin Kaisen - Transnational Korean Studies - 5:30-7:30pm, SME 149

February 10: Films from the Korean Diaspora Series: Jane Jin Kaisen - Transnational Korean Studies - 1-4:30pm, SME 149

February 13: The Voice of My Brother's Blood: The Murder of a Town in Eastern Galicia - with Omer Bartov - Jewish Studies Program - UC San Diego Geisel Library (Seuss Room)

February 15: Understanding the Melancholia Epidemic : The Case of Hallyu (the Korean Wave) Fans, with Professor Ingyu Oh - Transnational Korean Studies - HSS3027

February 21: From Japanese Internment to the Muslim Ban: History Forgotten and Remembered - IAH - Multipurpose Room

February 21: Films from the Korean Diaspora Series: Heung-soon IM. Lecture: Things That Do Us Part: Belief, Fear, Faith, Betrayal, Love, Hatred, Ghost -  Transnational Korean Studies - UC San Diego Library (Seuss Room)

February 22: Films from the Korean Diaspora Series: Heung-soon IM. Film Screening: Factory Complex -  Transnational Korean Studies - SME 149

February 22: Identities are Changeable: A Conversation with Miguel Zenón - Sponsored by Departments of Anthropology, Ethnic Studies, Music, the Studio for Ethnographic Design, Center for Iberian and Latin American Studies - Warren Lecture Hall 2154/Studio B

February 24: The California Interdisciplinary Consortium of Italian Studies (CICIS) annual conference, themed 'Genius loci/ genius populi: Italy, a genius of place and a place of genius.' - co-sponsored by Department of Arts & Humanities, IAH, and the Departments of History, Literature, Theatre and Visual Arts - The Great Hall

March 2: The annual Ranglas Lecture on The Greek Hero in Mythic Narratives - Center for Hellenic Studies - The Village at Torrey Pines 15A

March 2: Documentary Screening of "My Life in China" and Discussion with filmmaker Kenneth Eng - Sponsored by IAH, Ethnic Studies, Qualcomm Institute, International House - Atkinson Hall Auditorium 

March 8: A Mother's Last Wish: Stories from the Bloodlands - with Pam Zimbalist - Jewish Studies Program - UC San Diego Library (Seuss Room)

March 9: The Bereishit Dance Company - co-sponsored by the Transnational Korean Studies program - Mandeville Auditorium

March 14: The End of "The End of History": Lessons of East European Totalitarianism for the Postmodern World - IAH - Comunidad Room

Fall 2016 Event List

October 6: Institute of Arts & Humanities Inaugural Celebration - IAH & UC San Diego Library

October 14-16: Palimpsests 2 - Filipina/o Studies Conference

October 18: Challenging Conversations - Luis Alvarez - Huerta/Cruz Room

October 27: Community, Arts, Resistance - Luis Alvarez - Marshall Room

November 7: The Third Worlds of America: Poverty in San Diego - Babak Rahimi - Great Hall at I-House

November 14: "The Revolutionary Imaginations of Greater Mexico" - A Talk by Alan Eladio Gomez - Galbraith Conference Room, HSS 4025

November 16: Chicano/a~Latino/a Arts & Humnities (CLAH) Relaunch & Fundraiser Social - Cross Cultural Center

November 16: Refugee Archives: Problematizing the Discourse of Rescue in Refugee Archival Practices - Luis Alvarez - ArtSpace

November 19-20: Scholarship Fundraiser, Art Exhibit & Sale in support of UC San Diego Latino students - Olivia Graeve - Great Hall at I-House

Spring 2016 Event List

Winter 2016 Event List

Jan. 25: Muslim & Christian Influence on Jewish Law - Jewish Studies

Jan. 27: Research about Mexican Immigration - Mexican Immigration

Jan. 30: Art & Architecture Conference - Korean Studies

Feb. 4: Panel Discussion on Political Imprisonment - African American Studies

Feb. 9: Putting Religion in Its Places: How the Roman Empire became Christians - Center for Hellenic Studies

Feb. 12: Chinese New Year - Chinese Studies

Feb. 18: How Pink Turned Red: Korean Christianity and Queer Geopolitics - Transnational Korean Studies

Feb. 24: The Wild West Bank – reading from the “The Hilltop” - Jewish Studies

Feb. 26: Human Rights and History - European Studies

Mar. 15: Black Earth: The Holocaust as History and Warning - Jewish Studies and European Studies