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Upcoming Events

January 17: When Biology Became Destiny: How Historians Interpret Gender in the Holocaust with Marion Kaplan. Geisel Library Seuss Room, 5 p.m.

January 24: Vladimir Vysotsky, a Russian Cultural Legend: A Talk by Dmitry Bykov. Geisel Library Seuss Room, 5 - 7 p.m.

January 28: Dreams in Greek and Roman Religion - Old and New Problems (PDF) with Dr. Gil Renberg, Lecturer of Classics & Religious Studies at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. Huerta-Vera Cruz Room, Old Student Center, 5 - 7 p.m.


Science Studies Colloquium Events

Holocaust Living History Workshop Events

Past Event Audio & Video Files

2018-2019 Event List


October 1, 2018: From Japan to the U.S.: A Conversation with Padres Advisor and Major League Baseball All Star, Takashi Saito. 

October 5, 2018: Breaking Down Babel: Protest Songs from Moscow to Detroit with Psoy Korolenko. 

October 5, 2018: Bodies, Books, Histories – Augustine of Hippo on the Extraordinary with Susanna Elm, UC Berkeley.

October 9, 2018: Late Antiquity: “Long and Broad” with Arnaldo Marcone, Roma Tre University. 

October 15, 2018: Yearning Towards Carrie Buck with Eli Clare. 

October 17, 2018: Plática con CLAH with Director Luis Alvarez. 

October 18, 2018: The Power of the Sacred: An Alternative to the Narrative of Disenchantment with Professor Hans Joas, Humboldt University and the University of Chicago. 

October 24, 2018: How Women's Experiences Come Alive in a New Digital Archive, New Interpretations of the American Past with Emeritus Professors Kathryn Kish Sklar and Thomas Dublin, Binghamton University.

October 24, 2018: Singing Our Way to Freedom Film Screening and Discussion with Director Paul Espinosa; Estevan Azcona, San Jose State University; and Michelle Tellez, University of Arizona. 

October 25, 2018: Rethinking Ethnopoetics and the Legacy of Jerome Rothenberg with multiple guests. 

October 29, 2018: In the Transpacific Wake of Iberian Globalization with John D. Blanco, UC San Diego. 

November 1, 2018: When Yiddish Was Young: Vilna's Last Generation with Justin Cammy, Smith College. 

November 5, 2018: Anti-Racist Horizons: Zapatista Kuxlejal Politics and Indigenous Autonomy with Professor Mariana Mora, Center for Research and Advanced Studies in Social Anthropology. 

November 5, 2018: Voices of TransAndean Indigenous Resistance with multiple guests. 

November 14, 2018: Beyond the Wall: The Aftermath of Deportation in Mexico with Otros Dreams en Acción.

November 15, 2018: Condemned to Tribalism? Us Versus Them in Contemporary America with Allen Buchanan, Duke University and King's College.

November 19, 2018: Other Russias: Illustrating Contemporary Society with Victoria Lomasko, Moscow State University of Printing Arts. 

November 28, 2018: Backpacking Rakugo Trips in the US and Canada with Tozaburo Yanagiya.

December 6 and 7, 2018: "The Lake and The Lake" by Sindhu Thirumalaisamy, MFA Thesis Screening.

January 7: Dido of Carthage - Reclaiming A Roman Queen with Josephine Crawley Quinn, Associate Professor of Ancient History at Oxford University.

January 10: A Creative Conversation with Somi.

January 10: Jazz with Somi.

2017-2018 Event List

October 5, 2017: "The Crisis of Commemoration: First Contacts in the Americas" - Dr. Ray Ashley, Frank Salazar, and Dr. Kevin Terraciano 

October 9, 2017: “Radical Technologies: The Design of the Everyday Life" -  Adam Greenfield

October 9, 2017: "An Archaeologist's Eye: Drawing the Parthenon Sculpture (Or Trying to See What is No Longer Visible)" with Dr. Katherine Schwab. 

October 9, 2017: "Remembering Che" - Arnie Schoenberg, Mario Torero, and Professor Emily Hicks 

October 11, 2017: CANCELLED: "Like Shadows Walking: Liberating Treblinka with the Red Army" - Jacob Sandbrand

October 16, 2017: "Pacific Worlds and the Development Agenda" - Nancy Kwak. 

October 25, 2017: "The Travel Ban: The Politics of Immigration in the US" - Professor Babak Rahimi

October 26, 2017: "Mafia State: The Politics of Organized Crime in Contemporary Turkey" - Professor Ryan Gingeras

November 2, 2016: "Climate Change and Religion" - Professor Thomas Csordas, Professor Aftab Jassal, and Professor Karma Lekshe Tsomo 

November 6, 2017: "Against the Deportation Terror" - Professor Rachel Buff

November 7, 2017: "Recovering Histories of Violence in the Borderlands" - Dr. Monica Muñoz Martinez

November 9, 2017: Myth, a documentary film screening

November 13, 2017: "Interactive Workshop" - Las Krudas Cubensi

November 20, 2017: “The Philosophy of Accidentality: Revisiting Mexican Existentialism” - Professor Manuel Vargas for the New Faculty Q&A Series

November 21, 2017: "Hitler, My Neighbor" - Edgar Feuchtwanger

November 27, 2017: "Sentimental Seamen: Structures of Labor, Feeling and Bondage in an American Age of Sail" - Mark B. Kelley, Ph.D. Candidate in Literature, UC San Diego for the Pacific Worlds Initiative

December 1, 2017: "The Roads To and From the Paris Climate Agreement" - Professor Andrew Light 

December 4, 2017: "Soldiering through Empire: Race and the Making of the Decolonizing Pacific" - Professor Simeon Man for the Pacific Worlds Initiative

December 7, 2017: "Confronting Political Intimidation and Public Bullying" - Professor Emeritus Roddey Reid, UC San Diego.  (Click here to view video of this event)

December 7, 2017: "The Demise of the US-Turkish Partnership? Strategic Partnership in the Erdogan and Trump Presidencies" - Sinan Ciddi

December 7, 2017: "Why Gorbachev Failed and Deng Xiaoping Succeeded? The Comparison of Soviet and Chinese Transformations" - Professor Vladislav Zubok 

January 11, 2018: "After Deportation: The Case of Afghan Deportees" - Professor Shahram Khosravi

January 12, 2018: "Digital Persiante" - Nile Green (Keynote)

January 16, 2018: "Sanctuary and the Homelessness Crisis: Rethinking the Growth of Skid Row, Los Angeles" - Dr. Cindy I-Fen Cheng

January 17, 2018: "The Holocaust Litigations: Defining Guilt, Extracting Reparations" - William Lerach

January 18, 2018: Annual Ranglas Lecture: "Were Barbarians Barbaric? The View from Greece" - Professor Erich S. Gruen

January 24, 2018: "North Korea in the Age of Trump" - Professsor Martin Hart-Landsberg and Hyun Lee

January 29, 2018: "The Eastside Jew That Conquered Europe: Leon Trotsky In America" - Professor Tony Michels

January 31, 2018: "The Capital of Israel? Israeli Settlements and the Annexation of East Jerusalem" - Professor Gary Fields

February 2, 2018: "Blood Purity and Scientific Independence: Blood Science and Postcolonial Struggles in Korea, 1926-1975" - Jaehwan Hyun

February 5, 2018: "The Truth about the Early Fifteenth Century Chinese Ocean Voyages" - Professor Sarah Schneewind

February 5, 2018: Issues of Identity: In Conversation with Hilton Als - Hilton Als and Dr. Gentry Patrick

February 6, 2018: Scalar Workshop with Scalar Team

February 6, 2018: Book Talk and Book Signing: Iran: A Modern History - Professor Abbas Amanat. 

February 7, 2018: "North Korea's Nuclear Program: From an Intelligence Perspective" - Torrey Froscher

February 7, 2018: "Face to Face with Demjanjuk: The Elusive Quest for Closure" - Martin Haas

February 12, 2018: Annual Vassiliadis Lecture: "Was There a Eurasian Late Antiquity?" - Professor Michael Kulikowski

February 14, 2018: Design@Large: "Networks for us, by us" - Erin Glass

February 15, 2018: "Artifices of Eternity: Constructing Sainthood in the Ottoman Balkans" - Professor Nikolaos Panou and Peter Tsantes

February 16, 2018: Coding and App Development with Swift in the Digital Humanities - Dr. Andrew Currah

February 20, 2018: "Figuring Korean Figures: Children's Literature in Modern Korea" - Dafna Zur 

February 20, 2018: "Visions of Ukraine" - Slava Vakarchuk

February 20, 2018: "The Strange Stories of Yiddishland: What The Yiddish Press Reveals About The Jews?" - Eddy Portnoy

February 21, 2018: "Japanese Studies Career Paths - Alumni Perspectives" as part of the Japanese Studies 30-year Anniversary - Stephanie Borria, Gloria Wu, Jane H. Yamashiro, Dylan Yokoyama

February 21, 2018: "Research and Innovation in Japanese Studies Instruction" as part of the Japanese Studies 30-year Anniversary - Joseph Hankins, Megumi Naoi, Yasu-Hiko Tohsaku

February 21, 2018: "The Future of Japanese Studies"  as part of the Japanese Studies 30-year Anniversary - Eric Cazdyn and Mitsuhiro Yoshimoto

February 22, 2018: "The Archaeology of Religious Interaction in Late Antique Palestine - Jews, Christians and Moslems" - Gideon Avni

February 27, 2018: Act and Punishment a film by Evgeny Mitta

February 28, 2018: "The Gendered Politics of Socialist Consumption in North Korea, 1953-65" with Andre Schmid. 

February 28, 2018: "East West Street: On the Origins of 'Genocide' and 'Crimes Against Humanity'” - Philippe Sands 

March 1, 2018: "The Continuous Clapback: Black Women as Social Justice Activists Part 1: The Legacy of Language" - Alyesha Wise and Miki Vale

March 1, 2018: "Chinese Women's Pornography and its Afterglow" - Professor Katrien Jacobs

March 5, 2018: "Patrolling the Past: Bringing the Papua New Guinea Colonial-Era Reports into the Digital Realm" -Cristela Garcia-Spitz

March 8, 2018: "The Migrating Writer: A Russia-Israel-Ukraine Circuit" - Linor Goralik with Ainsley Morse and Amelia Glaser

March 10, 2018: Xylouris White Duo Concert

March 12, 2018: "Thinking like a Port: Capitalism and Nature in San Diego" with David Pedersen

March 12, 2018: "The Future of American Capitalism" with Professor Robert Brenner

March 13, 2018: "The Ukrainian Night" - Professor Marci Shore

March 14, 2018: "Not like Sheep to the Slaughter: Vengeance or Justice?" - Michael and Bonnie Bart

March 15, 2018: "Ancient Theories of Color" - Professor Katerina Ierodiakonou

March 26, 2018: Celebration of Greek Independence Day - Presentations by doctoral students

April 5, 2018: “Yemen After the Arab Spring: Vicissitude of a New Constitution” - Benoit Challand

April 5, 2018: "Occupational Hazards: Israel in the West Bank" - Dr. Gershon Shafir and Rabbi Graubart 

April 11, 2018: "Rising from the Rubble: Creating POLIN Museum of the History of Polish Jews" - Barbara Kirshenblatt-Gimblett

April 12, 2018: "Agonistic Harmony and Transformation" - Martha Gonzalez

April 12, 2018: "Katzin Lecture: Did Jewish Jokes Immigrate? Late Nineteenth-Century Yiddish Dictionaries and Jewish Dialect Humor in Russia and the United States" - Gabriella Safran

April 13, 2018: "Research Methods in East European Jewish Studies" - Gabriella Safran 

April 17, 2018: Semyon Khanin "Russian Poetry's Diaspora" - Kevin Platt 

April 17, 2018: "Fake News?: Post-Truth & the Politics of Authenticity since the Cold War" - Professor Ari Heinrich, Professor Kevin Platt, and Natalia Roudakova (Listen to it here)

April 18, 2018: Film Screening & Discussion of Iphigenia: Book of Change - Director Elise Kermani and panelists Page DuBois and Babak Rahimi

April 19, 2018: "Territorial Expansion and Benthic Depths in Iranian Oil Films" - Professor Negar Mottahedeh

April 19, 2018: "The Continuous Clapback: Black Women as Social Justice Activists Part 2: The Legacy of Local Activism" - Wilnisha "Tru7h" Sutton, N. Diane Moss, and Dr. Sharon Whitehurst-Payne

April 23, 2018: Meet Arts & Humanities Alumni of UC San Diego - Allie Moreno, Kent Oberlin, Emily Zheng, Ona Russell, Christine Eco, Hiroki Araki-Kawasguchi, and Lisa Dearen

April 24, 2018: "Cultural Encounters: The Innovative Islamic Architecture of the Deccan, India" - Dr. Helen Philon 

April 26, 2018: Disability, Intersectionality, and State Violence - Leroy Moore (Keynote), Professor Nirmala Erevelles, Anna Mollow, Khalid Alexander, Dustin Gibson, and Jayda Rasberry

April 27, 2018: "Chilenas in the Diaspora: Culture, Resistance, and Hope" - Liliana Wilson and Cecilia Ubilla

April 30, 2018: “How Socialist was China under Chairman Mao?” - Karl Gerth

May 2, 2018: Reading from her Novel: A Woman, in Bed - Anne Finger

May 2, 2018: "The Power of Voice" - Mare Advertencia Lirika

May 3, 2018: "Living in English, Writing in Hebrew: An Israeli Author's Journey Through the American Experience" -Ruby Namdar

May 7, 2018: "Crossing the Atlantic (Once Again): The Return of a Tabom Master Drummer to Bahia" - Professor Juan Diego Díaz

May 9, 2018: "Trump is Causing Chaos in the Middle East" - Foreign correspondent Reese Erlich

May 14, 2018: "Clothing Empires: Japanese Industry, African Consumer Cultures, and British Colonial Policy" - Jeremy Prestholdt 

May 14, 2018: Film screening of Color of Paradise - Babak Rahimi

May 15, 2018: Film screening of Takva: A Man's Fear of God - Hasan Kayali

May 16, 2018: Film screening of Last Enemy - Nitzan Gilady 

May 17, 2018: Black Women Behind the Camera: The Legacy of the Artistic Lens - Filmmakers Iyabo Kwayana and Ife Olatunji

May 17, 2018: "Migrating Imagi...Nations" - Former U.S. Poet Laureate Juan Felipe Herrera

May 18, 2018: Troubling the Human: Material Entanglements of Early Modern Worlds Symposium - Dr. Ivonne del Valle (Keynote)

May 19, 2018: Root Worlds: Intersectional Foundations for New Imagination - Livia Blackburne, Stephanie Diaz, Lisa Bolekaja, Professor Shelly Streeby, Professor Beatrice Pita, and Professor Rosaura Sánchez

May 24, 2018: "#metoo and the Failure to Warn Others" - Professor Elizabeth Harman 

May 24, 2018: "Celebration of Africa: Safari" - Fashion designers Ugochi Iwuaba and Hagereseb and various performances

May 30, 2018: "Against All Odds: Born in Mauthausen" - Eva Clarke

May 31, 2018: "Thinking About the Truth(s) in North Korea" - Professor Sonia Ryang

June 4, 2018: "Acorns, Asphaltum, and Asymmetrical Exchange: Reevaluating Island Economies in Ancient California" - Mikael Fauvelle for the Pacific Worlds Initiative

June 5, 2018: "Why Destroy Yemen?: Roots to the World’s Greatest Humanitarian Catastrophe" - Dr. Isa Blumi 

2016-2017 Event List

October 6, 2016: Institute of Arts & Humanities Inaugural Celebration - IAH & UC San Diego Library

October 14-16, 2016: “Palimpsests 2” Conference on Filipino Studies: “Filipinos and the Philippines”

October 18, 2016: "Challenging Conversations: Race and State Violence" - Dr. Gaye Theresa Johnson and Dr. Jordan Camp 

October 27, 2016: "Community, Arts, Resistance: Poetry Reading" - Dr. Adrian Arancibia

November 7, 2016: "The Third Worlds of America: Poverty in San Diego" - Dr. Babak Rahimi 

November 14, 2016: "The Revolutionary Imaginations of Greater Mexico" - Professor Alan Eladio Gomez

November 16, 2016: Chicano/a~Latino/a Arts & Humnities (CLAH) Relaunch & Fundraiser Social 

November 16, 2016: "Refugee Archives: Problematizing the Discourse of Rescue in Refugee Archival Practices"  - Dr. Thuy Vo Dang

November 19-20, 2016: Scholarship Fundraiser: Art Exhibit & Sale in support of UC San Diego Latino students - Olivia Graeve 

January 11, 2017: "From Books-Internet to TV-Internet: What does the demise of text and hypertext mean for the future of the internet and its early promises?" - Hossein Derakhshan hosted by IAH & Literature Department

January 25, 2017: A Conversation with Vietnamese-American Artist Trinh Mai 

February 1, 2017: 5th Annual Alkiviadis Vassiliadis Lecture: "The Magic of Craft: Workshops and the Materialization of Christianity in Late Antique Egypt" - Dr. David Frankfurter hosted by the Center for Hellenic Studies 

February 3, 2017: Chinese New Year Student Celebration - Chinese Studies Program

February 8, 2017: "Executive Orders: Islam in the Trump Era" - Dr. Babak Rahimi hosted by the Third World Studies Program

February 9, 2017: Films from the Korean Diaspora Series: Jane Jin Kaisen hosted by Transnational Korean Studies

February 10, 2017: Films from the Korean Diaspora Series: Jane Jin Kaisen (Part 2) hosted by Transnational Korean Studies 

February 13, 2017: "The Voice of My Brother's Blood: The Murder of a Town in Eastern Galicia" - Professor Omer Bartov hosted by the Jewish Studies Program

February 15, 2017: Understanding the Melancholia Epidemic: The Case of Hallyu (the Korean Wave) Fans - Professor Ingyu Oh hosted by Transnational Korean Studies 

February 21, 2017: "From Japanese Internment to the Muslim Ban: History Forgotten and Remembered" - Dr. Wael Al-Delaimy, Dr. Simeon Man, Dr. Wendy Matsuura, and Dr. Michael Provence

February 21, 2017: Films from the Korean Diaspora Series: Heung-soon IM. Lecture: "Things That Do Us Part: Belief, Fear, Faith, Betrayal, Love, Hatred, Ghost" -  Transnational Korean Studies

February 22, 2017: Films from the Korean Diaspora Series: Heung-soon IM. Film Screening: Factory Complex -  Transnational Korean Studies 

February 22, 2017: Identities are Changeable: A Conversation with Miguel Zenón - Sponsored by Departments of Anthropology, Ethnic Studies, Music, the Studio for Ethnographic Design, Center for Iberian and Latin American Studies 

February 24, 2017: The California Interdisciplinary Consortium of Italian Studies (CICIS) annual conference, themed 'Genius loci/ genius populi: Italy, a genius of place and a place of genius.' - co-sponsored by the Division of Arts & Humanities, Institute of Arts and Humanities, and the Departments of History, Literature, Theatre and Visual Arts

March 2, 2017: Annual Ranglas Lecture: "The Greek Hero in Mythic Narratives" - Dr. Sarah Iles Johnston hosted by the Center for Hellenic Studies

March 2, 2017: Documentary Screening of My Life in China and Discussion with filmmaker Kenneth Eng hosted by Institute of Arts & Humanities, Ethnic Studies, Qualcomm Institute, International House 

March 8, 2017: "A Mother's Last Wish: Stories from the Bloodlands - Pam Zimbalist hosted by the Jewish Studies Program 

March 9, 2017: The Bereishit Dance Company co-sponsored by the Transnational Korean Studies program 

March 14, 2017: "The End of 'The End of History': Lessons of East European Totalitarianism for the Postmodern World - Panel with Dr. Patrick Hyder, Dr. Steven Seegel, Dr. Marci Shore, and Dr. Tim Snyder, and moderated by Dr. Amelia Glaser

May 18, 2017: Challenging Conversations: "City of Inmates: Conquest, Rebellion, and Rise of Human Caging" - Kelly Lytle Hernandez. 

May 25, 2017: Community, Arts and Resistance: East L.A. Interchange screening with film-maker Besty Kalin. 

June 1, 2017: CANCELLED: Challenging Conversations: "#Black Lives Matter in the Trump Era" - Professor Keeanga-Yamahtta Taylor. 

2015-2016 Event List

January 25, 2016: "Muslim and Christian Influence on Jewish Law in the Middle Ages" - Rabbi Professor David Golinkin hosted by Jewish Studies

January 27, 2016: "How Scientific Racialization Shapes Mexican Immigration Policies 1848-present" - Professor Natalia Molina Mexican Immigration for the Division of Arts of Humanities "Degrees of Health and Well-being" lecture series

January 30, 2016: "Probing Fragments: Contemporary Art and Architecture in South Korea" (Art and Architecture Conference) - Sessions with Minouk Lim, Kyong Park, Sunjung Kim, Miwon Kwon, Erica Cho, Yongsoon Min, Jihoi Lee, Jihoi Lee, and Kyong Park hosted by Korean Studies

February 4, 2016: "Panel Discussion: Political Imprisonment, the Prison Industrial Complex, and Radical Resistance" - Former political prisoner Sekou Abdullah Odinga and Dr. Johanna Fernández hosted by African American Studies

February 9, 2016: "Putting Religion in Its Places: How the Roman Empire became Christians" - Professor Christine Shepardson hosted by the Center for Hellenic Studies

February 12, 2016: Chinese New Year - Chinese Studies

February 18, 2016: "How Pink Turned Red: Korean Christianity and Queer Geopolitics" - Professor Ju Hui Judy Han hosted by Transnational Korean Studies

February 24, 2016: The Wild West Bank – reading from the “The Hilltop” - Author and Professor Assaf Gavron hosted by Jewish Studies

February 26, 2016: "Human Rights and History" - Professor Stefan-Ludwig Hoffmann hosted by European Studies

March 15, 2016: "Black Earth: The Holocaust as History and Warning" - Professor Timothy Snyder hosted by Jewish Studies and European Studies

April 7, 2016: A Conversation with Olympian Meb Keflezighi - European Studies

April 7, 2016: A 'New-Allegorical' Reading of Late Latin Poetry - Professor Marco Formisano hosted by the Center for Hellenic Studies

April 9, 2016: Triton Day 2016 - Institute of Arts and Humanities

April 18, 2016: "Organizing Against Democracy: The Development of the Golden Dawn in Greece" - Professor Antonis A. Ellinas hosted by the Center for Hellenic Studies

May 5, 2016: "Antisemitism and Other Racism" - Professor Jack Jacobs hosted by Jewish Studies

May 12, 2016: "Neighboring Faiths: Christianity, Islam, Judaism" - Professor David Nirenberg hosted by Jewish Studies