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Foundational. Transferable. Enduring. 

The Institute of Arts and Humanities encourages interdisciplinary research, teaching and public dialogue in the Arts and Humanities. Encompassing a broad range of methods, approaches and themes—underscoring the centrality of core arts and humanities disciplines—we generate and support projects that help equip students, faculty and the wider public with the creativity, empathy and analysis for imagining and practicing a collaborative and more equitable human experience. 

At the Institute of Arts and Humanities, we engage in conversations about the arts and humanities across borders of time, place, culture and discipline. We are especially committed to issues concerning social equity, diversity and inclusion; global arts and humanities; public arts and humanities; and digital arts and humanities.  

We offer exciting programs for undergraduate and graduate students, faculty and the broader university and San Diego communities. From our 14 undergraduate, graduate and research programs and centers in area, ethnic and language studies, to our many faculty-driven research clusters and workshops, to our on-going projects in the public and digital humanities, we offer multiple ways to participate in our dialogue. We warmly invite you to be a part of our Institute of Arts and Humanities community. 

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Challenging Conversations Event

January 31

Institute of Arts and Humanities Receives California Humanities Grant for Community Conversations

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February 1

Reclaim! Remain! Rebuild! Art Exhibit

Qin-Hong Anderson

October 1

Language Faculty Spotlight: Qin-Hong Anderson