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Faculty gathered for a meal and a talk.

New Faculty Q&A

This series invites new UC San Diego faculty to share their humanities-based research over lunch in an informal and collegial setting.

  • January 2019: “Musical Scores and Improvisation” with Wilfrido Terrazas, Department of Music
  • November 2017: “The Philosophy of Accidentality: Revisiting Mexican Existentialism” with Manuel Vargas, Department of Philosophy
  • May 2017“Keeping Up with the Anthropocene: Disaster Mapping and Environmental Art in Tourist Cancun, Mexico” with Matilde Córdoba Azcárate, Department of Communication
  • March 2017“Make Me White but No Caucasians, or, How to Look Asian and Love Middle Class in Thailand” with Dredge Byung'chu Kang, Department of Anthropology 
  • January 2017: “You Are Not Mike Brown: Investigating White Participation in Black Lives Matter” with Sarah Hankins, Department of Music 
  • December 2016: “Social Responsibilities of Epistemologists and Metaphysicians”  with Jennifer Carr, Department of Philosophy